Week In Review (Mar 18 – Mar 22)

Another fun-filled week for Microsoft came with both good news and bad. While the Surface tablet have had a smooth sail, several other Redmond products, from Windows 8 to good old Hotmail made news headlines. The most interesting one by far was a little something from the man in charge of Nokia.

Here is a portion of the Windows 8 pie for the week.

Throw of the Week

There may be several ways to drop an Apple iPhone, but when it comes to throwing one, you can’t do better than how Nokia CEO recently shoved one on the ground. On camera, to boot! Yeah, you read my mind. I’d totally like to have a beer with the guy one fine weekend.

Threat of the Week

I’d happily write a whitepaper on the advantages of a bundled Windows OS with new computers. Getting a Windows disc with a new desktop PC or laptop is a win-win for all parties — Microsoft, hardware vendors, and buyers. But it seems like some hardware makers are thinking otherwise. Sad.

Kickstarter of the Week

The Kickstarter platform has already seen several success stories. Another one could soon make the ranks, and this particular fundraising campaign is for a custom case for Microsoft Surface Pro offering additional USB ports and microSD card slots. Who would say no to that?

Statistic of the Week

I am sure Microsoft and most everyone affiliated with the company would like to have seen better numbers with regards to Windows 8 adaption. For now they will have to do with 3.77 worldwide market share for the new OS, as reported by StatCounter. Could be better, yeah, could be worse too.

Urge of the Week

For most people Hotmail is like an old friend. Microsoft’s classic email platform goes way back in time, when the (technology) world was new and unexplored. But now Redmond has decided to hit the off button for the email service to the dismay of many. Yup, it’s like an old friend parting for good.

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