Week In Review (Mar 25 – Mar 29)

The week that caps the month was filled with leak and launches, statements and scramblings, giveaways and glorious milestones. Oh, and a constant stream of Blues clues. The technology industry pulled up magnifying glasses, and reviewed all the features of the leaked alpha version of Windows Blue.

Regardless, on to the most interesting stories of the week:

Milestone of the Week

Who would have thought 50,000 would be such a hard figure to achieve! Surely not Microsoft, that much is a given. The Windows Store hit the ground running at launch but the number of new apps slowed down in recent months. Nevertheless, it reached an important milestone just recently.

Launch of the Week

Aside from a deluxe smartphone or two, the most anticipated hardware currently is Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet. There are those who want to buy it, and those that just want a touch and feel to see what the fuss is all about. Users in China can soon do both in less than a week’s time, according to reports.

Statement of the Week

Sometimes one has to wonder just how chatty Acer executives are. When most of the hardware industry was playing a wait and see game they were bashing Redmond. Now though, they appear to have come to sense saying that slow Windows 8 uptake is not Microsoft’s fault — overly, of course.

Number of the Week

Everyone loves a quick horse, and while Windows 8 may not be as swift off the blocks, the OS seems to be making up ground fast. In fact, it kicked into high gear this week, whereby in a span of few days it gained a bunch of users, just like that. It now commands at 4.12 percent global market share.

Scramble of the Week

There are limits to most things in life, and seemingly, touchscreen panels (at least those in large sizes, fit for laptops, notebooks and monitors) seem to be in very short supply. This actually has left notebook manufacturers scrambling to get their hands on them, much to the dismay of many.

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