Week In Review (May 6 – May 10)

Summer is upon us, at least in most parts of the globe, and with it comes rekindled interest in all things technology. While the competitors are almost ready to show off their new products, Microsoft is applying finishing touches to the Windows Blue upgrade of its newest platforms.

Here are some of the big stories from this quiet and subtle week for Redmond:

Appointment of the Week

There has been a bit of a shuffle in Microsoft in recent times, with a number of high-profile executives retiring or leaving the company. CFO Peter Klein is set to say goodbye in June, and Redmond just announced that it had appointed Amy Hood to this esteemed position.

Number of the Week

Not too far back in the past, the world saw a Microsoft that was quick to throw numbers our way, boasting hundreds of millions of users of its services and products. The software titan has quieted down a fair bit, and after a bit of a wait confirmed this week that it had sold 100 million Windows 8 licenses.

Intention of the Week

The future may quite well be all cloudy, but the present, according to Microsoft is surely not. After Adobe announced that it be abandoning traditional software in favor of cloud-based solutions, Microsoft snubbed the idea saying that it was too soon to discard traditional software, just yet.

Timeline of the Week

The Metro version of Firefox, along with VLC Player, has been one of the most anticipated Windows 8 applications ever since it was first announced. While development is chugging along, it appears that we may have to wait at around until November this year to get our hands on it.

Statement of the Week

You would have to think really hard to name a company that has criticized Microsoft and Windows 8 more than Acer. The Taiwanese maker of hardware took Windows RT to the cleaners saying that it sees no value in this particular platform.


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