Week In Review (Nov 19 – Nov 23)

Story of the Week The less than stellar sales of Windows 8 were the talking point all seven days this week. The performance of the OS left an awful lot of people disappointed, from Steve Ballmer to software retailers. Then again, some say this was a classic case of great expectations.

Rumor of the Week

In speculation that may ruffle the feathers of everyone involved, big Y! is said to be planning to dump Microsoft Bing and make friends with Facebook Search. It is all in early stages for the time being, but the 10-year deal that both companies signed in 2009 is on a tight rope.

App of the Week

BBC made a lot of car enthusiasts happy when they launched the free Top Gear News app for Windows 8. This well designed app provides a mountain of content from news and photo galleries, to videos and behind-the-scene clips from the show.

Whoa Moment of the Week

Few people saw this coming, but Mozilla pulled the plug off of the 64-bit version of Firefox for the Windows platform. Reason? Those pesky old plugins for the browser that make it regularly freeze. No word yet on when, or if, development gets back.

Birthday of the Week

The humble old Windows 1.0 turned 27 on November 20. It had the distinction of being the first Microsoft software with a multi-tasking graphical interface (and these are no light words, mind you). A moment, please, for the legend!]]>

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