Week In Review (Nov 24 – Nov 28)

November 28, 2014

Milestone of the Week It took a while coming, but Windows 8.1 has finally become the second most used operating system in the world. The desktop world, if you will, but Microsoft’s latest overtook Windows XP in global usage. The only way from here is up, as the saying goes.

Marketing of the Week

The world’s largest PC maker, Lenovo, is a market leader for various reasons. One of these is that the company does not sit on its laurels and is always busy working on new products. And creative new ways to promote its innovations, as this clever piece of prank marketing shoes.

Rumor of the Week

Windows Phone rumors are not what they used to. Ever since cancelling a high-end smartphone codenamed McLaren, Microsoft has focused on midrange and affordable devices. Sure, they bring in the percentage points and apps, but there isn’t a new flagship in these four handsets that have popped up.

Fine of the Week

Fines are not a new thing for Microsoft, with the software titan battling several such instances in its illustrious history. The latest penalty is of $140 million, and the company is reportedly levied this charge for not paying its due taxes in China. Nothing new.

Growth of the Week

Remarkable that the decline in sales of the Apple iPad coincides with the rise in popularity of Windows tablets. Well that’s the reality the technology world better be prepared for, as the platform posted a notable 67% in growth year over year. Android is still king on slates, but a shuffle is in the air.]]>

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