Week In Review (Nov 26 – Nov 30)

Reveal of the Week With speculation at its highest, Microsoft finally updated their Surface website with oodles of official details about the second member of the Surface family — the Surface Pro. Along with detailed specs, we also found out the pricing and the launch window. Only thing’s that missing is battery life. Rumor of the Week People have been speculating about a Surface smartphone for a few months now. But now reliable sources in Asia have confirmed that Microsoft is indeed gearing up to launch a flagship communication device, with mass production to begin soon. We’re all ears. Market Share of the Week The latest operating system from Microsoft is slow off the blocks, but it recently raked up its first milestone: 1% market share. The latest data from Net Applications shows Microsoft Windows 8 is slowly finding its place on computers. Next stop? The 6% of Windows Vista. Downer of the Week One big letdown was the NPD Group report regarding the sales of personal computers in the United States. It pretty much confirmed what a lot of analysts feared — Windows 8 sales are not helping the PC market. Figures show a 21% drop in PC sales compared to the same time last year. Whoa Moment of the Week File this under things no one was expecting. Reports are gathering pace about something called Windows Blue, which is supposed to be a major update to Windows 8. Some are calling it an incremental upgrade to the OS, others are labeling it as the first free Windows ever.]]>

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