Week In Review (Oct 6 – Oct 10)

Split of the Week Too big for their own good, perhaps. Ask anyone to name an iconic PC brand, and HP will be right up there at the top with companies like Intel, Microsoft, Apple and IBM. However, the former king has announced that it will be splitting up operations, with consumer and business divisions now separate.

Confirmation of the Week

Satya Nadella, Redmond’s CEO, dropped by the Surface blog earlier this week to lay some irksome rumors to rest. He confirmed that the Surface line up is here to stay, and Microsoft is in the hardware game for the long term. He did not touch on ARM powered tablets, but the Pro line is, at least, secure.

Retro of the Week

Microsoft might be busy developing a shiny new Windows smartwatch, but an adventurous soul has already showcased a Windows 95 powered wearable. The classic operating system runs fairly well on Android Wear, though it is nowhere near as usable. Unbeatably retro, though.

Critique of the Week

Stephen Elop seems to have taken over the mantle from Steve Ballmer. The Microsoft executive was rather heavily criticized, in a new book that launched in Finland, for his role in how he led Nokia. The consensus being that he was not exactly a Trojan horse, but just an overall bad pick for CEO. Yikes!

Ad of the Week

Lenovo has become a bit of a torch bearer for the PC industry, what with the Chinese company owning around 20% of the market. In accordance with its leading position, Lenovo launched several new Windows powered tablets this week. And to promote them this ad with Ashton Kutcher. And a goat.]]>

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