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Week In Review (Sep 16 – Sep 20)

The start of the week had nothing on the fantastic end, with Microsoft speaking its proverbial heart out on pretty much all things at its financial analyst meeting on Thursday. The remaining days were business as usual with second generation Surface rumors, Windows statistics, and hardware announcements.

A peek at some of the hottest news of the past few days:

Push of the Week

The Finnish telecom king was said to be ready to jump into the phablet market with its very own large screen handset, the Lumia 1520. The word being that the company was set to hold an event in NYC in late September to unveil the phablet along with a Windows RT slate. But things had to be pushed back.

Slip of the Week

What’s the difference between slip and a push? Don’t answers. Nokia may have pushed its Lumia 1520 unveil to a balmy day in October, but before that the folks over at Mozilla announced that due to slow development of the Metro version of Firefox, the release of the web browser had slipped to January.

Reveal of the Week

Microsoft sure did choose the perfect time to reveal the pricing and packaging structure of Windows 8.1. With just a month remaining between launch of the upcoming operating system, the software titan revealed the pricing details for the OS. It will still be free for Windows 8 users, of course.

Comment of the Week

Tim Cook rarely talks, and even less so in the media. But the head of the fruity company gave a blistering interview, published earlier this week, where he talked about innovation and competitions. And yes, as you would have imagined, the advice is to innovate instead of looking into the Apple backyard for ideas.

Pledge of the Week

Steve Ballmer may be heading for an exit, as the search for a new CEO continues at Redmond. But the Microsoft leader was all sunshine at the recent financial analyst meeting, pledging that the company will do all it can to grow and expand the Windows brand, and with it the accompanying ecosystem.

Written by Hamid Khan

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