Week In Review (Nov 11 – Nov 15)

After the comparative lull of the recent past, this week was filled with all sorts of thrills and spills. Not only did Redmond release plenty of updates to its software, it also nailed down a few security vulnerabilities, and there was enough movement on the apps and smartphones front.

The biggest stories of the week just about to end:

Offer of the Week

If you are in the market for a sleek Windows tablet, and have no issues with last generation stuff, then Best Buy may just have the deal for you. As part of the Black Friday promotion, the retailer seems to be ready to part with the original Surface slate (the Surface RT) for an unbelievable price of $200.

Rumor of the Week

The ever-increasing user base of Windows Phone is deep in anticipation of the next major upgrade to Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Codenamed Windows Phone Blue, the next version looks like it is heading for a second quarter launch next year, if rumors are to be believed.

Flagship of the Week

Nokia sure has a thing for flagships. While most other smartphone makers are happy with creating a premier model that lasts almost a year, the Finnish company on the other hand readily pushes the limit. We have signs that Nokia is preparing a new high-end handset, the secretive Lumia 1820.

Statistics of the Week

Time for another sensational round of statistics. The numbers point out that the Windows Store is posting steady growth, and now gets around 1.7 million downloads a day. Still a long way to go to catch up with the big boys of the mobile world, but Microsoft is bound to be pleased with the positives.

Concern of the Week

The age of Windows XP is slowly coming to an end, though Microsoft would have liked less talk and more action as we head into the final six months before retirement. The biggest concern, however, remains the fact that several financial institutions and banks are still running the old operating system.

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