Week In Review (Nov 4 – Nov 8)

Another everyday week in the world of Windows, as Microsoft continues to take care of more pressing matters like streamlining retail availability of its newly launched products, and marketing them. The hunt for the next company CEO also took up a fair amount of headlines.

The stories that mattered in the past few days:

Strategy of the Week

Microsoft may be trying to convince users that there may not be much left of the platform come April next year when Windows XP is retired, but other companies seem to have a different strategy. Avira, has joined browser makers in confirming that it will continue releasing antivirus updates for the old OS.

Merger of the Week

As far as rumors go, the notion that Microsoft is looking to unify the Windows and Windows Phone platform are not exactly new. But the company fired off the first shots when it announced that had unified the developer accounts of both platforms, in a move that is sure to please application coders.

Block of the Week

Microsoft surely took its time, but the company just had to give the jailbreaking community some more incentive to refine their skills. The technique used to jailbreak the original Surface RT has now quietly been blocked with Windows RT 8.1, meaning no more running of unsigned code on the platform.

Statistics of the Week

Windows Store, a bold new frontier for the Windows platform is slowly picking up some steam now. Weekly app count now regularly touches a thousand new submissions, and the apps repository hit another important milestone of 125,000 earlier this week.

Certainty of the Week

I guess it must really mean something that Ford’s Alan Mulally is still at the very top of the list of people that Microsoft wants as its next CEO. He is pretty much the only external candidate right now. In fact, a reputable analyst believes that Alan Mulally as the new leader of Redmond is almost a certainty.

Written by Hamid Khan

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