Welcome Home to Windows Phone

  • Backs up your data to make the transition to the Windows Live ecosystem a bit easier.
  • Helps you find new apps to replace the ones you’re leaving behind.
  • The app is a free download for Windows and OSX. You install the app, plug your phone or tablet into your PC, and Welcome Home will scan your device to aggregate all of your data. Any retrieved contacts and calendars are synced to your Windows Live account, while photos and videos are transferred to iPhoto and iTunes (if you’re using an Apple device). Apps aren’t transferred at all — instead, Welcome Home then scours your device and builds a list of recommendations for similar apps on the Windows Phone marketplace. The app also serves up QR codes with download links on the Windows Phone store, and makes the entire list available as a PDF. If you are thinking about moving to a Nokia Lumia, you might want to check that out.]]>

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