What Apps Do You Hope To See Converted From WP To Windows 8?

Bingle Maps Bingle Maps is a fully featured application that searches, finds directions, and can integrate with both Google and Bing Maps. It is very easy to switch between Bing Maps and Google maps, and can even synchronize your pins with DropBox. You can even share your pinned locations and search results to others via SMS and email.

Assassin’s Creed – Altaïr’s Chronicles HD

Okay, I know that Assassin’s Creed already exists on the PC, but a Metro optimized version would still be pretty awesome! This game takes place in Jerusalem in 1191 AD and is actually a prequel to the first Assassin’s Creed. Everything that is already great about AC is even better by making it mobile. This is one of the most impressive, polished mobile 3D games I’ve seen yet.


SoundHound is designed to identify background songs that are playing, even if you just hum the tune into the mic. This is awesome because I constantly have a great song in my head but can’t figure out the title. The app starts up with just one big button, which you can tap to get it to try and recognize the song you are playing, singing, or humming. SoundHound listens for a maximum of 10 seconds before it starts searching for matches.


Even before I had WP7, I used Poynt. This is probably one of the most likely apps to get converted over to Windows 8, due to its wide availability on a bunch of platforms. So what is Poynt? For those that don’t know, it keeps you informed of useful locations nearby you, and can be used in many different locations such as the US and Europe. This is great if you live in a big city or just simply travel a lot, and as soon as you turn on Poynt you can either let the GPS track you or you can manually enter the location.

Calorie Tracker

While not everyone will find this useful, for those that watch their calorie intake, this is an awesome and useful app that is well designed. Best of all, its a free app, at least for a limited time. It has everything you need to watch you fitness, including a 600,000 food item database for tracking. There are probably dozens of other great Windows Phone apps out there that might even serve even better on Windows 8, but so far this are just a few that I’ve used and been impressed by. How about the rest of you? Any killer apps for Windows Phone that you feel should get converted to Windows and Metro? As always, share your thoughts below.]]>

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