What Changes Might We Expect with Windows 9?

Minimizing the need to go into the desktop. Right now, we use the desktop in Windows 8 not just for legacy apps but for many of the defraging and maintenance tools that are required to maintain a machine. This is confusing. Users don’t know when they need to be in the desktop and when they need to be in the Start UI. This is especially frustrating for Windows 8/RT tablet users I’d imagine Metro-ized Settings and Panels In line with my first point, I think control panel and system settings will be fully merged into the Start UI’s settings– with no need to go to the desktop for these kinds of settings. Improvements to charms and transition bars. Basically any changes to areas that will make the switch from desktop to Metro/Start less jarring. Overall speed improvements Like Windows 8, I expect Microsoft will offer continued speed improvements and optimizations when Windows 9 does arrive. I’m sure there will be other changes, but the bottom-line is that a great deal of Windows 9’s features will likely be about changing how people feel about Start UI by making the transitions involved more seamless and less Frankensteinian. What do you feel needs to be changed with Windows 9? Do you agree with my suggestions for change or not? As for Windows 8, do you feel that people will be thinking differently (more positively) in the next 6-12 months or will the perception of it being too different haunt it for the rest of its days?]]>

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