What Does Microsoft Need To Do In Order To Succeed With Its Tablets?

reports coming in that few people really want or care about Windows on a tablet, what can Microsoft do to help itself establish a name as a tablet technology? According to this same article it is being reported that most users don’t care about the OS, they care about the hardware model and how the system feels. Like the article says, it probably has a lot to do with how easy they find the OS, even if they don’t care WHAT the OS is, and also what kind of apps they can get. To do well, Microsoft needs to work with its bigger partners like Nokia and HP to make sure that cutting edge tablets are developed that attract users based on their looks. As far as the feel of the tablet? Metro feels a lot like Windows Phone 7, which isn’t doing that well. So why is Phone 7 not doing well? Partially because Windows Mobile has had a bad rep over the years and also because of the false perception that their isn’t any good apps. Microsoft needs to focus on apps and tablet designs, but I think in the end it will come down to marketing. They have many key partners like Qualcom and Nokia that give them additional push and this is important. Right now many potential ‘casual’ smartphone owners could be great targets for a tablet running 8. They don’t know what Windows 8 is right now, hence why it is reported they don’t care. If Microsoft targets commercials making it clear that with the Windows 8 tablet you aren’t settling for some ‘under-powered stripped OS, but the full OS behind your favorite desktops and laptops”, they could possibly attract some users this way. So what do you think, is Microsoft just too late to do any real good in the market? What will redeem the company in the tablet market, its hardware, software, or marketing strategy? Share your thoughts below.]]>

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