What does Paul Thurrott know about Windows 8 support for .NET and Silverlight?

WinInfo Short Takes blog today. Now those of you who know Paul (from his work online) know that

  • He’s very careful with words
  • He is under NDA with Microsoft
  • He has a lot of contacts in Microsoft
Put all those 3 together and read what he said below..
While the developer community continues to whimper about Microsoft’s HTML-based development strategy for Windows 8, the software giant’s partners are incredibly excited about the changes coming in the next Windows. The key is the new UI, which represents the biggest user-experience change to Windows since Windows 95 in 1995, and Microsoft’s hardware partners are pumped about it because they feel it’s going to trigger an avalanche of new PC sales, especially of iPad-like tablet PCs. It’s nice to see that some people understand what’s really happening, and though I agree that developers have a right to be confused, I suspect that some good news is on the way for you as well.
Now, call me a speculator but it sounds like Mr. Thurrott may know a little about the fate of Windows 8 support for .NET and Silverlight. If I had to make an educated guess, it would be that Windows 8 WILL support .NET and Silverlight. Stay tuned..]]>

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