What happened to the iHeartRadio app for Windows Phone 8?

Not too long ago, reports start surfacing on the net that Windows Phone 8 users that had managed to grab iHeartRadio for their handset were running into problems where the app wasn’t working right. Additionally, the app disappeared altogether from the store.

The good news at the time is that Windows Phone 7 users that had the app were not affected by the same issue at all. So what gave?

It turns out that iHeartRadio was never meant to be released to Windows Phone 8, at least not yet. Here’s what iHeartRadio had to say to WP Central about the matter:

“The iHeartRadio application was released to the Windows Phone 8 markeplace in error. It hasn’t yet been tested for compatibly with the Windows 8 phones. We will keep you updated when an iHeartRadio application for Windows 8 phones is released.”

In a nutshell, something went down at iHeartRadio and they accidentally submitted the app for Windows Phone 8. Seems like an odd mistake, but nonetheless it is good news for iHeartRadio fans with a Windows Phone 8 handset because it means that app is coming back sooner or later.
There is no official word on when the Windows Phone 8 app will be tested and officially released to the Windows Phone store, though. Where you one of those that had downloaded the app only to find it wouldn’t work anymore? If so, which alternative radio/music apps are you now using instead?

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