Azure Sphere is Microsoft’s solution for helping users create connected, highly secure Microcontroller devices (MCU). Sphere provides users with complete confidence and total power in recreating the future of their business.

If there is one major concern where connected IoT experiences are concerned, it is security.  Rather than trusting your brand to the second-best, to just one line of defense, Sphere offers a total solution.

Microsoft can offer years of research and experience and all of that has gone into Azure Sphere to promote total security with their own secure operating system, crossover MCUs and a turnkey security service for the cloud.

Every Azure Sphere device is fully protected and Sphere also offers end-to-end IoT security, all highly responsive to threat so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Get to Market Quicker

With Azure Sphere, you can streamline product development and maintenance. Fully designed with efficiency in mind, Sphere offers a full range of Visual Studio tools that will change the way you create your MCU-powered experiences and how you manage them.

Sphere is also designed for quick connection with Azure but, because it is open source, Sphere can be used beside whichever private or public cloud you choose.

Recreate the Future

No longer can we consider IoT to be something out of a Sci-Fi movie. It is here and it is now and Azure Sphere promises a fully connected future for all MCU devices, no matter where they are.

With Sphere MCUs, you get connectivity built-in and computing power unmatched by any other. With the ability to reimagine your entire business, Sphere allows you to recreate your future, bringing more intelligent products right to your customers.

With Azure Sphere, you get the very best of the expertise that Microsoft offers in software, cloud and device technology, all combined in a unique and empowering security approach. Sphere MCUs, combines with the Sphere Security Service and Sphere OS provide businesses with an intelligent future to look forward to.


Fully secured from silicon upwards, crossover MCUs combine application and real-time processors with Microsoft’s security technology and connectivity built-in.


An OS built specifically for agility and security, providing IoT experiences with a fully trusted platform.

Cloud Security

A cloud purpose-built for IoT security to protect all your devices. With Sphere Security Service, device security is complete, emerging threats are identified quickly and trust between the cloud, device and any other endpoint is fully brokered.