What is Microsoft Lync about

Microsoft Lync 2010 is a new form of instant messengers that is designed to replace the old windows messenger. This article will cover what this new service is and talk about some of the new and great features that are available for people using this new product. Microsoft designed this product with the office personal usage in mind.

The basic features that are similar to most other instant messengers; these include instant messaging, voice conference and voice over ip services. Some of the newer features that are definitely designed for use in a corporate setting. One of these features is that contact lists are now available from a local directory. Instead of having to save each person’s email into your personal address book, the contact lists are saved in a local directory where anyone with the right permissions can access them. This is sure to make life a little easier in a large office setting.

Another great feature aimed at the business audience is that all messages that are relayed are done a server designed just for that. This server is called the Microsoft Office Communications Server. What this does is allow an extended level of privacy and security. In traditional messaging servers the message has to leave corporate intranet, with this Microsoft product that is no more. The communication server can also be set to relay messages to many other instant messaging networks, all without having to install any more software. There are different versions of Lync available depending on the specific needs of the office, but a mobile version is also available.

Microsoft Lync 2010 was designed not only directed to the business but it was also designed to be able to communicate in a whole new way. The goal of this product was to make communication between offices and clients a whole new experience. Lync2010 is a single interface that allows audio, video, instant messaging and web conferencing all with the click of a simple button. Microsoft provides all this and also offers the extra level of privacy and security, so when you are talking about company business, you can rest assured the client is the only one able to read you message. There are many more great features on Lync server, but it really is best to try it and see for you self. You will not be disappointed.

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