What Kind Of Killer Apps Does Metro Need?

Windows 8’s new METRO interface is yet an unproven element of Windows 8 that has divided many users on two different sides of the fence.

Some techies out there claim that Metro just is TOO different for serious desktop use, while others embrace it. Honestly there are many that are undecided, as well.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, Windows 8’s Metro interface will only be as successful as the apps that grace its presence. This applies to both the desktop and tablet version. Killer apps will either make or break the tablet experience but it also will decide whether or not Metro is actually used in the desktop/laptop world or just another ignored OS feature.

It is actually rather important for PC/desktop users to fall in love with Metro, I believe.

If a user falls in love with a few key apps for Metro on their desktop, then when they finally decide to jump on the tablet bandwagon it is much more likely that their choice will be a Windows 8 tablet so they can keep using their favorite apps.

So what do these killer apps look like? I’m sure that everyone’s vision of what would be killer apps differ but I’ll highlight just a very of my personal suggestions.

Zune App:

The idea of a fully integrated Zune experience seems like a no-brainer to me. I realize that Zune hasn’t exactly been a runaway success for Microsoft, but the Zune application present for Windows right now offers music, an unlimited music pass, movie download, rentals, and many of the same great features that Amazon had present in the launch of it’s Kindle Fire.

Office App:

A light-version of Office, that is used for opening excel, word, power-point files and can also provide some basic creation functions. This is a killer-app that just makes a lot of sense. I would say it would be one powerful exclusive for W8 tablets, but rumors suggest that Microsoft may be considering an Office app for iPad, too.

Angry Birds App:

This might seem like a given, but highly popular app games like Angry Birds (and others) should be a high priority for Windows Metro. This interface not only could bring some favorite phone games to the bigscreen for living room and even PC/laptop experiences, but will help make the switch easier from another tablet/smartphone if big-hitting games are already present.

I know I’ve only listed three apps, but the point really was to start generating thoughts about what Microsoft needs to put onto Metro to be a success. Outside of these three, I also thing that some sort of Xbox Live integration like seen on Phone 7 is a must, as well.

If Microsoft wants to really do well they should push the envelope for gaming and productivity in new directions. This will set tablets with Windows 8 away from the others so they don’t look like “me too” products, but by focusing on keeping a lot of these great apps they will still have enough mass appeal as well. My challenge to all the readers of this article is simple. What DO YOU think Metro needs for apps to be successful. The ones listed above might seem like obvious choices, but now it’s time for us to think outside of the box. What kind of apps do you hope to see in the future of Windows 8? If enough good and solid suggestions are made, perhaps a follow-up piece detailing user-suggestions may surface as well. As always, share your thoughts below. I am very interested in what kind of unique killer apps our readers would love to see on a Windows 8 machine, regardless of whether its a tablet or desktop/laptop.]]>

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