What Would Be the Perfect Price for a Windows 8 Tablet?

for the same exact price. It runs Mac OS X Snow Leopard instead of Lion, but the operating system is irrelevant when comparing the two products (Snow Leopard would win anyway.) So basically what I’m saying here, is that you can buy a low-end computer for the same exact price as a high end computer. That just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I think the $499 starting price is great for a high end tablet like an iPad, but $829 just seems like way too much. The lowest priced, well known tablet was the HP TouchPad at $99 when it went on sale before it got discontinued. Actually, according to CNet as of 9:45 EST, December 11, 2011, the TouchPads are going on sale again for $99 and $149 for one last time, but that’s getting off topic. The TouchPads are basically gone, which leaves the Nook Color and the Kindle Fire competing for the lowest price. The Nook Color and Kindle Fire both start at $199 which is a great price for anyone that wants the experience of a tablet, but not the costly price. Neither of these tablets are as advanced as the iPad, after all they are basically advanced eReaders, but they have enough features to be considered a tablet. Now that we have looked at these two options, what do you think that a good price for a Windows 8 tablet would be? It would have to be somewhere between these two prices, the price range would be $200-$498. It would have to be higher than the low-end ones because Windows 8 is a full fledged computer operating system, not a lite version like they use on tablets, so the Windows tablets would be really advanced. The tablet manufacturers would also have to make a profit, and Windows isn’t free, unlike Android. But they would have to be lower than $500 to even stand a chance against the iPad. So right now I’m thinking that a good price range would be more like $300-$400. It would allow enough money to come in so that tablet manufacturers can make a good profit, but it also allows Windows 8 tablets to have a slight advantage over the iPad. Some tablets will probably be priced higher than this, and some may be priced lower, but I think most of them should fall under this price range. If you have a price range that you think would work, please leave a comment with it below. Source 1 Source 2]]>

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