What’s New In the Windows 10 May 2020 Update?

Windows 10 May 2020 Update

Improved Search

Windows 10 finally has a new, much improved search experience. There are at least a couple of notable changes to the Search function in the operating system. First is, a new algorithm for Window Search that promises much more efficient disk usage. In other words, you can say goodbye to excessive disk and CPU usage for this functionality.

You also get handy new quick searches at the bottom when you open the Search Home panel by clicking the box on the taskbar.

Windows Search

The other major update is the Enhanced search mode feature. This allows you to easily expand your search across all folders and drives.

Window Search is also integrated into File Explorer now, in order to deliver more consistent results. When you type in the search box, you now get a dropdown menu with a list of suggested files. And the best part is that Windows now also searches for files in your OneDrive account, not just local ones.

You can still access the classic search experience that is more powerful, by pressing the Enter key.

Renaming Virtual Desktops

If you are yet to use the Virtual Desktops feature of Windows 10, then no better time than now to try it. Not only can these now be named, but you can use emojis too while renaming them. This is a good way to have virtual desktops that are clearly labeled and separate for work and play, or various projects that you are working on.

Virtual Desktops

It’s also possible to save them across reboots, so your virtual desktops are not reset after each restart.

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