What’s New In Windows Live 2011

Since we know that Windows Live. By offering a familiar pattern, E-mail (Hotmail) and IM, but this time the new features of economic Its S (below) or the management of images and videos of me, I agree. Friend. I know that each of them is characterized by the visitors.

First, access to new Microsoft Hotmail, you can use to manage your email effectively. Removes clutter your mailbox Inbox. Not just spam. But even time for something simple deal. Arrived, and allowing the free exchange and the changes in Microsoft Office documents on the cloud easier.

– Key Hotmail users will know immediately whether the new e-mails to friends. The last thing in the mail. Receipt of the order and birthday reminders. All this to you when you register e-mail use.

– Conversation, you know you can with somebody or several people via e-mail to a longer period of a few scattered conversations, do not benefit the users of Hotmail The new version includes the standard deviation of the data to speak out. together. The user can see the entire discussion in one place.

– Microsoft SmartScreen to discriminate against spam and spam. It depends on the characteristics of the Internet protocol and communications, the source of the person who sent an e-mail from third-party source of information, e-mail filters difficult situation, hackers, network identifiers are sent. E-mail. Et signature recognition

– Transfer pictures from 10 GB of text without worrying about the limits of the victim or attachments in e-mail address of the sender or recipient, integration with Windows Live Hotmail SkyDrive, space, information online shop, which a free Windows Live, with which users can send (via links) 200 Maximum size of the image. 50 MB (10 GB), you can send a message every time.

Windows Live Messenger offers to keep so many new people, if you can change its appearance. Zen Ventures in Waltham, the new release allows for the online activities of the network easier.

– Facebook users chat with friends on Facebook through Messenger on your computer, iPhone chat, and have their own Web Messenger. If your friends are. I’m Messenger, Facebook, or both.

– Tell your high-definition video (HD-Chat) is a new version of the model year to high-definition picture to discuss. It allows you to video chat. You have the possibility of pictures and videos during the debate. See also the reactions of friends. in real time and in full screen mode can be configured.

– Links to social networking sites 75, such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, users can add and update a list of friends. Department of social networking sites that allow this form of Messenger users out there connected to-date information. Social networks. (Includes photos and video clips), MSN Messenger, and the status update directly to social networking sites. Register Without access to other Messenger.

– Users can see, share leading to the exchange of information with others. Photo documentation and personal information at the point where people can use them.

The final version of the new Windows Live S. It is an economical software package that allows users to create and share great photos, films makes, and is in the management of the e-mail your friends. It consists of a Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Messenger Service, adding that the new Windows Live Mesh, run the computer and the power of clouds.

– Photography missile allows users to select only the best for many. The images are related. Pretty Picture Perfect pictures of a unique imaging tool with ease.

– Face recognition. Recognition technology allows the photo gallery you can find someone, and if any of these images.

– Try to “touch” search If the mind is the basis for points or spots on the editing features in Photo Gallery allows users to easily remove undesirable, because if things do not. before. Using the same technology that drives professional modeling photo management .

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