What's wrong with the Windows Store in Windows 8?

Horizontal Scrolling Till Windows 7, Windows has vertical scrolling. But with Windows 8, Microsoft have decided to introduce horizontal scrolling. I don’t believe this is what the average user wants. Scrolling horizontally is a pain in ass for the user. It is not natural at all.

Clustered Home page

When you click on the Store tile to open Windows Store, you are greeted with a number of tiles representing different categories of app. This list is around 12 pages wide and the horizontal scrolling makes it so difficult to find the right category that you want. The homepage of the store should be made a lot cleaner and easier to navigate through. a>

No Downloads for Desktop Apps

In Windows Store, desktop apps will be listed but they will not provide basic information such as reviews, size. They will not be downloaded from the Store. So, what will the store do? It will just provide a link for downloading it via your browser. This, I feel is not a good decision from Microsoft – they should provide the same way of downloading desktop apps as metro apps have. This will help the Windows Store to grow significantly and even metro haters will start using it as they will get all their desktop apps at a centralized location. A few days back, Onuora had explained how the store should like.
“It would be more attractive and intuitive. You could also neatly fit all the categories (Games, Social etc) onto the first page.” He added.
Windows Store is the future of Windows. It provides an easy way of installing apps on your Windows 8 PC. I would like to see some changes in its UI as well as the way it works to make it more easier for the user. Allowing the user to download desktop apps is one of them. They should make the homepage less clustered and instead of using big tiles and expanding the homepage upto 12 pages, they should come up with something nice and easy to use. What do you think? Should Windows Store UI be modified?]]>

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