WhatsApp Windows 10 App Coming Soon

Although a Windows version of the official WhatsApp client is already available, the company is currently developing a Windows 10 flavor of the app for users.

WhatsApp Desktop is now available in the Windows Store right now.

But only for registered testers, it seems.

Chances are that this is simply a web wrapper, not a native client. Because at first glance there are no differences between this and the version that is available on the desktop. The Win32 version itself is simply a web rapper that emulates the functionality that is available in the browser.

When you visit

Store App WhatsApp

The Windows Store client will, in all probability, do the same, and serve as a quick way for users to chat with their contacts on a Windows 10 device.

And if you’re wondering why the company is actually launching a Windows Store version in the first place, the most likely reason is the Windows 10 S variant of the operating system that is limited to these types of apps and is unable to run traditional Win32 based software programs.

No official announcement is available at this point in time, but given the relative simplicity of this app, it should be released for everyone soon.

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