When an Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro Does not Compute

Microsoft Store in order to see what Black Friday bargains I can recommend to my readers. I saw that the upgrade from XP, Vista and Windows 7 to Windows Pro was still the same (no discounts!) at $39.99 online and $69.99 for a CD.   What, I thought, would an upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows Pro cost? Surely it would be even cheaper, yes?   I clicked on the link and guess what – it was also $69.99 for the CD. OK, let me get this, a customer committed to the Win 8 platform and wants a deeper commitment.  So you welcome him or her by charging the exact same price to upgrade to Windows Pro as prior versions.  Actually, you could pay less ($39.99) while upgrading from Windows XP  if you downloaded the software. Does that make sense to you?  It certainly does not make any sense to me.  The pricing gurus at Microsoft need to examine this one and treat their customers a little better.  ]]>

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