When it comes to Windows 8 old guys need help!

Do old guys need help? Many do but not all! For those that need help there are other sources of information available beside this website. Think about using these Bloggers for up-to-date information on Windows 8: Ed Bott       Paul Thurrot Mary Jo Foley Ciprian Rusen While these writers are very informative and provide great information, other locations of value are: How to Geek The Verge 

Where else can you get help?

The two obvious choices on the web are Google and the revamped Bing. Make your query as specific as possible. You will be inundated with all manner of information. Of course, another source of information are the copious Windows 8 books flooding the marketplace. Check out the Amazon and the Barnes Noble websites for suitable books. The Dummy Series is a good starting place. Happy computing!]]>

Written by John Campbell


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