When Will Windows 10 Version 1511 Support End?

July 28, 2017

With the key milestone of making the Creators Update available to everyone behind it, Microsoft has shared the details of when Windows 10 version 1511 support will end.

The software titan wants to discontinue an old version of the OS as soon as possible in order to better pursue its Windows as a Service approach. Not doing it tangles its engineers into testing and offering support and patches for these versions.

Not to mention, creates fragmentation in the ecosystem for users and developers.

Redmond only supports the two most recent feature updates for the OS, and it has officially confirmed that the end date of support for the first Windows 10 refresh, version 1511, also known as the November Update, is set for October, this year.

October 10, 2017, more specifically.

The company, obviously, recommends users that if they still have machines running November Update, they deploy a newer release of the operating system.

Even PCs that have not been offered a newer update, are suggested to have the update manually initiated, so that these devices are up to date with the supported versions of Windows 10.

Microsoft has also outlined a 3-step deployment strategy for enterprises that is based on planning and preparing, targeted deployment, and finally, broad deployment across organizations. Which means that if your company is yet to complete any of these stages, they should speed things up.

The software giant also updated the Windows lifecycle fact sheet to reflect with new information relating to these important dates.

Do give it a scan.

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