Where are Windows 11 wallpapers saved?

Windows 11 has new wallpapers. Some really great new wallpapers that many consider the best ones yet from Microsoft. They are all about exuding that fresh feeling, which all the new designs do.

Sure, a bigger variety could have been even better here. Perhaps some really good nature closeups? Previous versions of the OS made their name with these nature wallpapers, including Windows XP and Windows Vista. But perhaps they did not fit the vibe Microsoft wanted to go with this time.

But enough talk about the wallpapers themselves, let’s find out where they reside!

Windows 11 wallpaper location

Microsoft neatly organizes the default wallpapers in Windows 11 in an easy to find location. The default wallpaper folder remains the same in the new OS, and though there are some quirks there, it functions similar like before.

To open it, press Winkey + E to launch File Explorer, and then go to C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper.

Windows Wallpaper Location

The above screenshot shows the Windows 11 wallpaper folder. The 5 folders contain the Windows 11 wallpapers. And you can open each one to view the wallpapers in it, sitting there in pristine quality in the 3841 x 2400 resolution.

That said, perhaps, a better file naming scheme is in order here.

Where to download Windows 11 wallpapers?

While the default wallpapers packed in with Windows 11 are all fine and shiny, you always have the option of downloading more from the internet. You are free to download any resolution image that you like, and can use that as the background on your computer.

There are plenty of safe and reliable websites where you can download images.

Pexels Website

If you are specifically looking to download wallpapers centered around Windows 11 or designed specifically for the operating system, then the following selection is your best bet.

Of course, you can also download other themed wallpapers from these sites as well.


Customizing the wallpaper is something that almost every Windows user has done. The process is easy, and Microsoft offers a quality selection to choose from. If you want to know where they lay, then you can directly go to where Windows 11 wallpapers are saved.