Where Does Your Surface Tablet Fit into Your Life?

article by Sarah Perez in TechCrunch, where she discusses how her new Surface RT tablet fits into her life. She is self-admittedly a long-time Apple ‘addict’ with both the iPhone and iMac, despite using Windows PCs prior to them in her workplace. The problem is not the quality of Microsoft’s new tablet or the new Live Tile interface, or even how Office has been ported to the ARM-based device. No, the problem seems to be carving out a role for the new Surface tablet in her family’s life.  It seems to be neither fish nor fowl in her book, unfortunately. As a tablet, she says, it is too heavy and awkward, especially in portrait mode.  With the keyboard attached, you need a desk, putting you back in the desktop paradigm. She writes:

Only Microsoft could come up with a way to make a tablet/laptop combo that forces you back to your desk no matter the configuration you select. Only Microsoft could make a tablet that’s actually desktop PC.
However, it cannot compete with desktops, defeating the desktop use model.  And as a laptop, she say, try using it on your lap with the kickstand deployed. So where did her Surface RT end up?  On the kitchen table, she says.  However, that’s still better than the bathroom, where her Playbook ended up. OK, that’s her experience.  What about yours?  If you bought the Surface, did it elbow out an iPad from your affections or perhaps a notebook PC?   Let me know by dropping a line.]]>

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