Where In The Blue Blazes Was Windows 9 At BUILD 2014?

talk that the company might unveil a smaller member of its Surface family of tablets, the Surface Mini. This device has been on the cards for quite a while now. More significantly, people close to the matter seemed almost sure that Microsoft was supposed to share some details, some early details, on its important new project — the development of Windows 9 — at the BUILD 2014 event that concluded yesterday. That obviously did not happen, and even though Microsoft unveiled a lot of new information on a wide array of products and platforms, Windows 9 remains a mystery for now. Previous speculation on this claimed that while work on the new OS was scheduled to begin later this month, the company was to share some initial details about Windows 9, and maybe even talk about their plans about the next advancement of the Modern UI. So I guess it can be safely concluded that the company is not that deep into development into this next full version of its flagship operating system, contrary to some earlier reports that suggested otherwise. The bigger question, then, is what kind of an approach the company will adopt regarding Windows 9. Full secrecy or whether details are to be shared at some point in the near future? Time, as it always does, will tell.]]>

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