Where In The World Is Windows 8 Complaints App?

Gotta love it when big old Microsoft gets a little touchy-feely!

The Windows Store has picked up pace and is filling up pretty fast with all varieties of apps. But apparently (see what I did there), some apps do not please the Redmond giant. At all.

In fact, they downright irk Microsoft, to the extent that it has gotten rid of a certain app — one by the name of Windows 8 Complaints.

Neowin has carried the story, whereby a spokesperson from the company initially told them that the app followed certification policies and there was no reason to remove it. But removed it was.

The app allowed users to, um, complain about Microsoft’s newest operating system, as well as giving them a chance to read issues and problems from other users. Here is the official description for the app:

“Windows 8 Complaints app allows you to post your complaints and read/listen to the complaints of others. Whether you miss the start button or you don’t like the color purple that they use, let it be known and listen to the thoughts of others to gain new ideas on why you don’t like Windows 8.”

Users of the app were allowed to enter their Windows 8 complaints in under 140 characters, and it spawned a slew of comments, most amusing and witty, everything from stuff like “Nobody wants touch in the enterprise” to “How do I shut this thing down?”

Oh well, requiescat in pace, Windows 8 Complaints app.

At least this episode confirms that the company is keeping a close eye on their flagship apps store. Good eye or bad eye is up for debate. But chances are that once the Windows Store can show off a few hundred thousand apps, we probably will see more emphasis on quality from the company.

What’s your take on the episode? If you had absolute power, would you have eliminated the Windows 8 Complaints app from the Windows Store or let it live? Sound off in the usual place below.

Update: As noted in the comments below, it appears the app was taken down by the developers himself. While it would have been amusing reading all the creative way people reviewed the new OS, it appears the app will stay out for the time being.

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