Which Tablet OS Is Right For You?

Apple’s iOS So what does iOS offer and who does it appeal to? Apple products generally offer the smoothest interfaces, a high level of ease-of-use, and have a certain artsy-near-cult appeal. Apple fans are very attached to their products and some of the loyalist fans out there, so its hard to sway them to a new type of interface. One great thing about iOS is that it has a smooth mobile experience, but also has a somewhat desktop-like interface with its menus and icons that will feel somewhat familiar to Windows/Mac users. Another part of the appeal is that it is a very close environment, meaning less concern for viruses and other malware that comes from using multiple different app clients. Android Personally, I rather enjoy Android despite its huge security risks. Many of the problems that come from Android malware happen when you don’t carefully analyze the permissions you are giving to apps you download. A little common sense goes a long way, though it won’t necessarily prevent every problem you run in to. So what do I find appealing about Android? It is a very desktop-like interface, which I thoroughly enjoy. It feels the most PC-like out of the three choices, and though this might be a turn-off to some, I find it a welcome look and feel. The idea of a very open environment with tons of choice of app loaders and locations is also rather important to me. This is why I use Android for both tablets and my smartphone. Do I enjoy Windows Phone, Windows 8, and iOS though? Yes, they certainly have strong appeal as well. I am not in any terms calling Android better, but for me it is a more appealing choice. Android is probably a favorite among users that like open-interfaces, a PC-like feel, and probably more likely caters towards the more ‘techie’ types. Windows 8 Right now it is somewhat hard to predict what type of user Windows 8 will most appeal to, and some articles on the net have been so harsh as to say that it has no real target user base. I highly disagree. If Microsoft can push its Metro-like devices into mainstream success through Windows Phone and Xbox 360, users of these two platforms are more likely to find Windows 8 appealing. Additionally, Windows 8 is the least ‘desktop OS-like’, instead having a more DVR/Tivo/WMC-feeling layout that might make it easier to navigate for less PC-centric users. If Windows 8 can offer the most simplistic and casual feel out of all the choices, it will certainly find a market for those looking for an OS that is simple, mobile, and not so PC-like. So what do you think about the three ‘big’ tablet OS choices (though I suppose its unfair to call W8 one of the big three since it isn’t released yet)? Which particular version appeals most to you? Do you agree with my ‘target’ audiences for each of three platforms? If not, what is your opinion on the matter? Share your thoughts below.]]>

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