Who has a Windows Phone now? Apparently Middle Earth Folk, That's Who

Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba start advertising Windows Phone 8 through commercials, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to be stopping there. What’s next? The Hobbit. In a special deal with Warner Brothers, the Windows Phone 8 campaign will feature various characters from the movie, though we really don’t know if the official actors will star in them or just versions of the characters played by commercial actors. Considering the money spent on the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 endeavors so far, I wouldn’t be too surprised if all the original actors make their way into the Hobbit Windows Phone 8 ads, though.¬†We also have no clue what the Middle Earth inhabitants will be doing in the commercial or exactly when these will start showing up. Which countries will get the unique Hobbit-inspired Windows Phone 8 ads? Apparently the deal only allows the ads to make their way to the UK, US, France and Germany. Still, if you want to see them, it is more than likely they will be readily available on the web soon enough. While I personally care more about what Windows Phone 8 can do as opposed to who is advertising it, I know that not all consumers think that way. What you think of the strategy of using movies and actors to sell electronic devices? Is this the best approach or should Microsoft instead be more focused on the actual hardware? [ source ]]]>

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