Who Needs Windows Defender When You Have This Free Antivirus

That is, if you’re a consumer. Windows Defender has improved by leaps and bounds these last couple of years, particularly on Windows 10. So much so that it can be deemed enough for some people.

People who rarely drift away into the dark alleys of the Internet. Are careful with software that they download. And never open attachments from unknown senders.

However, it never hurts having some extra protection. Particularly, when you consider that Windows Defender plays rather nicely with most other antivirus programs on the market. It can be used as a baseline defense to almost any free or paid security software.

One such leading company very recently announced a free tier for its popular program.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus made its way out towards the end of July, and was actually launched for the company’s 20th birthday. It has already been piloted in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

And is now rolling out to users in the remaining corners of the globe, in waves.

Microsoft and Kaspersky have actually been involved in a bit of a tussle recently, as you may be aware, but the company is still well known for security solutions that top independent testing regularly.

As Kaspersky puts it:

“It’s a version with all the bare essentials: file, email and web anti-virus; automatic updates; self-defense; quarantine; and so on. This arsenal ensures convenient and safe web surfing, working with USB sticks and other portable storage media, and protection against both phishing and infected files being run. In short, the indispensable basics that no one on the planet should do without.”

The free version is lighter on system resources compared to other versions of Kaspersky, and one reason for this is because users will not be bombarded with ads that are packed in other antivirus programs.

And even though this product is currently available as a staggered rollout, anyone can download and install the US version of this free and highly useful software from anywhere.

In fact, the download also comes with an optional Secure Connection component, which is a free VPN that offers 200MB of data per day on any number of devices. Pretty solid deal, overall, from one of the most reliable names in Windows security.

Download: Kaspersky Free

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