Whoa! A Windows 10 Mobile Phone Appears In The Wild

Or should we say, reappears. Call it a pleasant surprise if you must, but a Windows 10 Mobile phone is back in production. The handset in question is the, now familiar, Wileyfox Pro.

This was, if you recall, one of the last real headsets available that was powered by Microsoft mobile OS before the company decided to put the platform on life support. In fact, the software titan now actually recommends users to switch to Android or iOS.

So, while Redmond might have abandoned the platform, ever now and then we are treated with something we don’t see coming.

Case in point, this surprising little development.

Say what you may, but Wileyfox was one of the manufacturers that showed pretty good commitment to Windows phones, albeit at a time when the best days of the platform were well and truly behind.

But now the company has decided to restart production of one of its popular devices. The Wileyfox Pro is once again being manufactured, with the company saying that this is due to popular demand, and the result of feedback that it received.

Wily move, some may say.

Now, while customers can once again purchase the device, the hardware firm has actually discounted the device to a price of just £79.99 in the UK, down from its previous retail price tag of £200 — certainly making for quite a drop for those that want in on the action!

Perhaps as a backup phone, or whatever.

No change in hardware specifications of this handset, of course. The Wileyfox Pro is powered by a Snapdragon 210 processor that is paired with just 2GB of RAM and the smartphone offers 16GB of storage space.

The 5-inch display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, a fingerprint reader is part of the package, alongside two cameras, an 8MP one on the back and a 2MP one on the front. 4G support also in.

Interested? Check it out here.

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