Whoa! Windows 10 Photos App Renamed To Story Remix

They can’t! Looks like Microsoft in the mood to take some drastic steps, as the company is testing renaming the Windows 10 Photos app to Story Remix.

Yes, that same Story Remix that has recently seen a major delay to Redstone 4.

Redmond announced this exciting app back at BUILD 2017, saying that it would arrive with the Fall Creators Update to give users the ability to create custom videos and edit them with cool effects, including 3D elements.

And then, the Windows Insider Program provided us with the hint that Story Remix would actually be just an extension of the default photo viewing app in the operating system.

Well, as it turns out, the software titan is still experimenting right now, and is testing renaming the Windows 10 Photos app to Story Remix.

Good old Brandon LeBlanc was here to provide the details:

Wait, what, now?

Windows Insiders were, as usual, the first to see the change in the name, via an update for the Photos app that renamed it to Story Remix. An indicate that this rebranding could very well be permanent, even though there is an outside chance that Microsoft will go with a different name.

All in all, this is very questionable, as the default Photo viewer in Windows 10 has nothing to do with Story Remix. And, well, a case can also be made that this is a good name for a feature, not an app.

Besides, at this point the company should be more focused on adding tons of new features and file management options in the Photos app, rather than renaming it as Story Remix in what is the most confusing manner possible.

Whichever way this goes, it certainly is one of the stranger moves Microsoft has made in recent times.


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