Why are Office 2021 users bombarded with ads?

August 15, 2022

Oh no, Microsoft is at it again! The Redmond based software titan is certainly no stranger to usings its products to advertise other platforms and services that it owns.

We have been seeing ads in Windows ever since the days of Windows 8, with the amount and intensity of ads in the operating system has from occasional to downright intrusive. Seemingly, this is not something that the company wants to change any time soon.

Office 2021 has become the latest such example of Redmond using its software to promote its service.

In this case, software that users have paid a one-off fee for are being advertised the subscription-based Microsoft 365 products. These are folks who have made a conscious choice to purchase the suite of productivity apps rather than paying a monthly or annual subscription.

No wonder, people are not impressed.

Among those who have seen these new ads is Lee Holmes, a PowerShell developer and Principal Security Architect of Azure Security.

He took to Twitter to share his disappointment:

He is far from alone in feeling frustrated with the appearance of advertising in a paid-for product.

Microsoft, in recent memory, has annoyed a lot of customers by displaying ads for Edge, Office, and OneDrive throughout Windows. The company has even promoted its games and select third-party applications to users who would rather prefer to not see these ads.

In this particular case, the ads appear in a bar beneath the Office toolbar and invite users to try out three months of Microsoft 365 Family for $0.99.

And while this promotion is far from intrusive and actually offers up a decent discount to those who are happy to jump to a subscription plan, that’s not the point.

The placement of this promotional link will definitely be a source of disappointment for these users who have already paid for their license for Office 2021. Worse yet, the company does not offer a way for these users to opt out for these ads.


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