Why did Microsoft Make the Windows 8 Developer Preview Free?

does have his doubts about how well this tactic will work, “It’s not a sure thing–early adopters and technophiles are also pretty savvy about technology shortcomings and potential flaws in software. If Windows 8 fails to impress, it will reflect negatively on Windows Phone 7. This is why, I suspect, Microsoft is not emphasizing the Metro connection between the two platforms. If Windows 8 gets panned, there’s a chance (however small) to salvage Windows Phone’s reputation.” I think that if this was really what Microsoft was doing, this would be one of the greatest marketing tactics out there. Introduce a current smartphone’s user interface to an operating system that holds 90% of the worldwide desktop share. Once people start using the new interface, they will get used to it and will be more inclined to use it when they see it on a Windows Phone. The reason this hasn’t worked with previous versions of Windows and Windows Mobile is because none of those operating systems were touch optimized. Windows 8 with Metro is. Source Do you think giving away Windows 8 developer preview was a smart marketing tactic for Windows Phone 7? I’m interested to hear what you have to say…    ]]>

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