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Why exactly are Windows 8 users not upgrading to Windows 8.1?

great news is that Windows 8.1 market share is steadily on the up. The good news is that the Windows 8 slice of the pie is gradually decreasing. The not so good news is that why are people still holding up from upgrading? What, for the love of technology, keeps them from firing up the Windows Store and upgrading to the Windows 8.1? For free. Quick and easy, for free. Market fragmentation never benefits anybody. Just ask the Android users. But according to Net Applications some 6.41 percent are still using Windows 8 vanilla. This is down from the 8 or so percent from a couple of months back, but it nevertheless is astronomically high. Astronomically high when you consider that the Windows 8.1 numbers come in at 4.89 percent. windows_8_upgrade_windows_81_a Microsoft made the right choice in making Update 1 (or, plain Update, if you will) absolutely compulsory for Windows 8.1 users. They will no longer receive security, and feature, updates if they do not deploy this newest refresh to the platform. They could have done the same for Windows 8 users too. But the luckily the damage is not severe. And it is lessening as users make the move to Windows 8.1 at their own pace. Important thing is to keep this strategy going, keep OS fragmentation away. What I am more interested in hearing is the reason why Windows 8 users are shying away from Windows 8.1. If you are still rocking the base version of the platform, then by all means hit the comment box and let your rational behind not upgrading be known. If you know somebody that is not planning to deploy Windows 8.1, and you know why, be my guest too!]]>

Written by Philip Paulson


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