Why I continue to trust Google search results over Bing

CONSISTENTLY ACCURATE search results. I was asked to give an example that I could defend (by reader Alex Wang in Singapore) and so I thought I would do just that in this post. Alex, this is for you. I started with a search for “Windows 8” and right away, you could find my site on the first page of Google..(click on image for larger screenshot below). [caption id="attachment_5650" align="alignnone" width="590"]Windows8update Google results Windows8update Google results[/caption] Why does this make sense? Well, let’s see.

  • An old trusted domain
  • Over 600 blog posts over 2 years
  • Over 1200 blog comments
  • Tons of inbound links
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Tons of SEO optimized Windows 8 related content
So when I go to Bing to check, where is it (click on image for larger screenshot below) [caption id="attachment_5651" align="alignnone" width="590"]Windows8update Bing Results Windows8update Bing Results[/caption] Somewhere on Page 6. That makes absolutely no sense and it seems like there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Now, it’s easy to dismiss my example because you could say I am disgruntled and pissed off. Not really. As most webmaster will tell you, Google is what we worry about as that’s where the lions share of organic SEO traffic is. My traffic levels are just fine (see my ad page). If you do a search online for webmaster comments about ranking higher in Bing, the comments are questions are pretty consistent. They usually go something like this
“My site is doing great in Google but I cant figure out why I am getting no Bing/Yahoo traffic”.
Trust me the problem is not mine alone. My larger point here is that in order for all the cool stuff Microsoft is planning for Bing to matter, the search results have to be as good as Google. If there is a continuous perception that the index is not as exhaustive as Google’s, all the cool new additions won’t matter. I actually tried to use Bing consistently a while back but it got exhausting cross referencing Google every time in case there was an option that I missed. Just my 10 cents here but I am interested to hear back from you guys to see if you agree. Update – Seems I am on first page of Bing for “Windows8” and not for “Windows 8”. – Even more confusing to the issue.]]>

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