Why I think Microsoft should come up with their own Windows Phone

Microsoft announced that they will not build their own device for Windows Phone 8, but I think if they want to be on the top of the smartphone market, they should build their own smartphone. Here are a few reasons why they should do that. When a Software company develops its own hardware, typically the software is perfectly blended in. There are no limitations. The same thing happened with the iPhone. Apple developed their own software i.e iOS and also built their own hardware. The rest is history. But with Windows phone, Microsoft decided only to build the software and allowed the hardware vendors to build hardware for it. In my opinion, this creates confusion in the mind of the customer when they see so many devices out there in the market with the same brand name “Windows Phone”. In many cases, the customer has confidence in Microsoft but not in the hardware vendor who has made the device. On the other hand, when a customer buys an Apple device , he or she is assured that they are going to get quality content. In such a circumstance the consumer goes for the product of a company on which they believe in, even if they have to pay more. Many devices that Microsoft had launched in the market with their own software as well as hardware have been a great success. Devices such as Xbox have been a boon for Microsoft. Even their upcoming Surface tablet which will run Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro has a fair chances of success.

I believe that the new trend will be leaders in the market launching their own smartphones where they build the hardware as well as software. Google who created a great OS for smartphones called Android has also launched its own smartphone called the Nexus. If Microsoft come up with their own Windows Phone devices, it will give Microsoft fan boys a great reason for buying that product. Also the consumer would get an iron-clad assurance of the quality because that phone has been built by a large and trusted brand. I think this is the most efficient and proven way for Microsoft to be successful with Windows Phone so I desperately want Microsoft to build their own Windows Phone and set the market on fire. What do you think?]]>

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