Why is Microsoft Allowing the 'Windows Blue' Foolishness?

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  So why didn’t Microsoft get out ahead of this and say definitively that this would simply be a service pack – SP1 for example, not a new version of Windows? Why is that important, you ask? Well, if Microsoft is perceived as writing off Windows 8 by focusing on 9 a mere two months after launch, guess what that will do to Windows 8 sales. It will crush Windows 8 sales and put many back on the sidelines to wait for “Blue”. You have to wonder if anyone is in charge over in Redmond. Its the same exact thing that happened when Surface RT sales reportedly faltered. Microsoft began talking up Surface 8 Pro. Now the buzz seems to be: ignore RT based systems and wait for the Pro or PC makers’ equivalents.  

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  I believe it is crucially important that Microsoft steps up to the plate and confirm they are all in with Windows 8 and will only be “doing Windows 8” in 2013. Otherwise 2013 may turn out to be worse than they could have imagined. Please share your views in our discussion below.]]>

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