Why is Microsoft always 2 years late to the party?

I was reading this article from Sfgate talking about Windows 8 for tablets.

The gist of it is that Microsoft is too late (again) but this was an interesting phrase:

So maybe Windows 8 will support ARM. According to sources with knowledge of the plans for that OS, improving energy efficiency and battery life is a big focus of development for Windows 8. In addition, Microsoft did a lot of work breaking the core of Windows into components for recent releases of Windows Server (where IT administrators don’t always want to install every piece). That work could now be put to use creating a specialized version of the Windows desktop OS with limited features for ARM-based tablets.

That doesn’t change the fundamental problem with Microsoft’s tablet strategy: waiting for Windows 8 will also put Microsoft at least two years behind the iPad and the forthcoming crop of tablets running Android and other operating systems designed for mobile use. Two years is an eternity. During that time, every customer who buys a new hot tablet will be one less customer using a Windows PC.


This seems to me like groundhog day. Didn’t we just see this play out with Windows Phone 7 – coming out years after the Iphone and Android?

It seems to me (stating the obvious) that Microsoft are in very serious trouble in the area of LEADERSHIP. They have leadership challenges internally and as a result are unable to lead in innovation the way they once did.

They have become like IBM and RIM – Making devices that are practical but absolutely frikking boring to look at, use and discuss.

In light of all this, the challenge Steven Sinofksy will have is bringing something to the marketplace that will

  • add substantial business value
  • excite consumers

Not an easy feat…

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