Why Is Microsoft Edge Sneakily Importing Firefox Data?


What new trickery is this? Microsoft Edge is being accused of pulling a fast one, and importing Firefox data on Windows 10 systems without authorization.

Goes without saying that people are appropriately mad at this.

Two of the finest web browsers on the market — Edge and Firefox — have not had the best of relationships. Mozilla was not too impressed with Microsoft opting to go the Chromium route for revitalizing its web browser.

Since then, Edge has slowly and steadily nudged ahead in terms of user base.

Let’s just say that there is no love lost between the two premiere web browsers on the market, two very different web browsers, more so because the Firefox user base that remains as idealistic as gets about open web standards.

Anyway, it just so happens, some Firefox users have discovered that the new default Windows 10 web browser that is now shipping to devices via Windows Update, sometimes imports the data from the Mozilla program. And this happens even if they did not give Edge the permission to import Firefox files.

Some excitable Firefox users actually went a step ahead and decided to kill the initial setup process of Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge.

And they discovered that despite the wizard shutting down prematurely, the browser still copied the stored data by Firefox.

Microsoft is yet to comment on why this is happening. And for the time being it is not yet clear why Edge actually imports this data in the first place, even with the initial wizard killed off manually. But this much is certain that something curious is at play here.

This is not something that happens on its own, in a vacuum.

Did any of you found Edge silently importing your Firefox data without permission? Let us know!

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