Why Is Windows 10 UI Still A Mess?

Jeez, how many shades of grey does one need? A lot, apparently. If you think Windows 10 UI is a mess, then you are not alone. As this cool little image illustrates so aptly.

Consistency is a concept few have heard of behind Redmond walls, apparently.

The company continues to migrate towards a modern user interface for its OS, changing things here, there and everywhere. However, this migration towards a new design has led to additional challenges for Microsoft — challenges that the company seems to have done little to address.

Case in point, the new dark theme for File Explorer, which is miles behind the Apple implementation.

On macOS, that is to say.

Now, admittedly, the software titan has to connect two worlds and ensure a smooth transition between them. Talking about the modern apps and those classic Win32 programs. So many things can go wrong when blending a touch optimized user interface with a traditional one.

And as this photo that has gone viral on Reddit recently shows, it’s easy to get lost somewhere in between during all this.

Take a look:

Windows 10 UI Mess

As the image shows, it’s the little details that matter.

Windows 10 relies on no less than 8 shades of grey that are implemented in different parts of the operating system. Basically, Microsoft is having a hard time deciding on one or two shades of the color to use in the user interface.

Speaking of shades, the image reminds me of the multiple colors for the context menus in previous versions of Windows 10.

In fact, this is a problem that still exists in the current iteration. Right-clicking on the desktop, for instance, shows a different shade, color and style than the one that is available on the taskbar context menu. And this issue is nowhere near close to being solved.

Goes without saying that Microsoft is well aware of this mess — more so now, one may make a case. The company’s UI designers are sure to have noticed these little issues.

Question remains, if they are doing anything to resolve this.

It’s the little things that matter.

As they say.

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