Why it's important for Windows 8 to be successful

my previous posts. Funny. Calls for one of my IT strategy/Economics 101 lectures. Paul, here’s the deal. It’s in all our best interests that Microsoft is super duper successful with Windows 8. I’ll make it simple.

  • If Microsoft released Windows 8 and it sold like hotcakes, it would attract a thriving developer community – A good thing.
  • Those developers would add to the Windows Store and the new Windows 8 platforms would pose a healthy challenge to Apple and Google. Google and Apple would now have to be more innovative and come up with new technology advances to keep us interested – A good thing.
  • They would also be under pressure to keep prices as low or lower than Microsoft products so these toys would be cheaper for consumers – A good thing.
  • The aggregate demand would boost production of computers, mobile phones, tablets and servers worldwide. These companies would have to hire more people to make these new computers and devices – A good thing.
  • The aggregate demand would also create demand for more Windows associated software (tools and utilities) which are created by software companies. They now have to hire more developers. – A good thing.
  • This in turn would create demand for kids graduating from college with Metro experience – A good thing.
and on and on.. The bottom line is that a successful Windows 8 will be good for the global economy. In addition, healthy competition among software giants usually results in higher levels of innovation and lower prices. Imagine how much more innovative (if that’s possible) Apple would be if they had real competition in the Tablet space? Food for thought…]]>

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