Why Linux Is Better Than Windows Os

Are you tired with your Windows operating system? Is the OS infected by viruses and there are security issues as well? Well, you are not alone; there are many Windows users who are not satisfied with this operating system. Microsoft Windows might be the most popular operating system in the market but there are a number of flaws. On the other hand, Linux, a less popular operating system, is much better in terms offering hassle-free computing experience. To get Windows OS you need to pay a hefty amount while Linux is absolutely free. In this article you will find why Linux is a better choice than Microsoft Windows.

More of the complaints we get regarding Windows PC is about virus infection. You cannot use a Windows machine without antivirus or anti-malware. Even after having these programs installed there is still the risk of getting infected. Sometimes, viruses and malware even get past the best solutions. On the other hand, with Linux, you don’t need to worry at all about this. Your PC will hardly get infected with viruses with this operating system.

Windows PC users also experience mysterious slowdowns. The reason behind this shut down could be diverse. It might be due to viruses, malware, fragmentation, or any other operating system issues. You will never experience these types of abnormal behavior from on a Linux computer. Not only the operating system but also you will hardly face mysterious application crashes with Linux.

Troubleshooting on Linux computer is very easy as you can go through the /var/log to find out what is ailing your PC. If you are not well familiar with the command line, you can install a GUI. This will allow you to scan through the log files and check for the issues and fix it. You can also run a backtrace to get all of the debugging information for the applications that you are facing problem with. Then you can fix the issues on your own or contact an Operating system support provider for Linux support.

Another most important thing is resource. To run a Windows 7 desktop your computer must have minimum 1 GB of RAM. Anything less than that makes your computer appear like it is working on slow motion. With Linux operating system you will never face this type of problem. Linux requires very less amount of hardware resources. This OS make the use of RAM to cache files until the cached files goes above the amount of RAM available on the computer. On the other hand, Windows 7 OS uses memory for cache only for the cases if there is no other demand for said memory.

These are some notable features of Linux operating system which make them stand at much better position than Windows OS in terms of safe and secure computing.

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