Why next version of windows MAY NOT be called Windows 8

Windows8beta.com have an article out about how a Microsoft employee referred to the next version of Windows as Windows 8.

They have taken that to bank as the reason why this software will be named Windows 8.

Their quote:

Microsoft has been silent about the name of the next version of windows,even in the CES 2011 it was just referred as next version of Windows, but recently another MSDN blog referred to it as Windows 8. Christian Kirchesch, the person responsible for the design and orientation of Microsoft’s online presence in Germany with respect to Windows operating systems (www.windows.de and windows.microsoft.com) has posted a blog post naming next version of windows to be windows 8.

Microsoft was indeed quick to remove the post and wasn’t even cached by Google but MS own search engine Bing have cached the page.

I personally dont think that means much at all.

Microsoft is a big company. Employees may slip up and go off message. I suspect that the naming will be decided closer to the end of this year or next year.

Quite frankly, at this point, a name is the least of their problems. Steven Sinofsky has a lot more on his plate to figure out.

What do you guys think?

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