Why On Earth Is Microsoft Creating An iPad Touch Cover?

August 2, 2017

Well, being over suspicious is better than nothing, I always say! A suspicious looking official document has surface, hinting that Microsoft is testing an iPad Touch cover, of all things.

Of course, Apple is coming of another massive quarterly earnings, revealing the details yesterday that the increased revenue came from higher price tags of the iPhone, an uptick in the company’s online services, as well as a notable rise in the sales of its iPad tablet.

For Microsoft, this represents just another potential source of revenue, and it looks like the software titan wants to cash in on the rejuvenated growth of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

These fine folks were the first to discover this document, which reveals that Redmond has filed the necessary paperwork with the Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) of the United Nations, because of its lithium-ion specifications.

This is what the document hints at:

Model 1719 is apparently a new iPad cover that comes with some neat features, with the battery specification pointing to Bluetooth connectivity or some kind of charging options.

Of particular note is the capacity of 0.814 watt hours, pointing towards the choice between power and thinness that the company might have aimed for.

Sure, there is not enough conclusive evidence for what Microsoft is creating here.

But if the software titan can offer some type of Office or Cortana integration into a keyboard could help Microsoft push these services on the iPad. Particularly, as iPads are now seeing increasing adoption in the education sector.

Chances are that we’ll find out soon enough what this is all about.

Got any hints?

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