Why Samsung is winning – Microsoft and Apple marketing – Wake up!

Microsoft marketing – here’s how you do it. You wait till the Oscars and buy ALL of the ad space – 100 million eyeballs. You then pay the host (25 million Twitter followers) to take a photo WITH YOUR PHONE of stars that gets retweeted ridiculously: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Jtob_iBMeUg Then you sit back and absorb all the media and press as:

In less than an hour, DeGeneres’ photo was already up to 871,000 retweets, with 210,000 favorites. She easily surpassed the previous record holder, President Barack Obama, with his election night victory photo of him hugging wife Michelle Obama, which was retweeted 777,000 times.
*sigh* I wonder why Samsung are winning –  maybe because they are taking marketing seriously. Ironic that the company that needs the most mobile phone press wasn’t super aggressive this time out. Well played Samsung, well played.]]>

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